Training Workshop at IODE 26 29 October 2009 

27 August 2009

As part of WP6 a Training Workshop is organised for the data centres in the Upgrade Black Sea  SCENE project to become acquainted with the SeaDataNet V1 services, formats and tools and to get hands-on experience with using these services and tools. The Training is especially aiming at the partners in the project, that are managing and holding data sets.

The Training Workshop takes place from 26th to and including 29th October 2009 at the IODE centre in Oostende - Belgium.

The Training Workshop will also be joined by data centres from the FP7 CaspInfo project and some data centres from the FP6 SeaDataNet project. 

Members of the SeaDataNet Technical Task Team will give the instructions and presentations. For more information visit the IODE website.

Overall contact: peter@maris.nl ; contact for local organisation and visa: wouter.rommens@gmail.com