Metadata services 

The project duration of Upgrade BlackSeaScene is 3 years, identical to project duration of BlackSeaScene I. During BlackSeaScene I a number of metadataservices, mainly catalogues, have been developed to support the research in and around the Black Sea. The services are closely related to the services developed within SeaDataNet, but their interface is developed by the BlackSeaScene partners specifically for BlackSeaScene purposes.

The services under BlackSeaScene I were so-called Version 0 (V0) releases, that will now - under Upgrade BlackSeaScene - be upgraded to Version 1 services. The main difference is that the metadataformats will be better supported by SeaDataNet vocabularies, more ISO19115 compliant, and the interfaces make improved use of webservices and OGC standards.  The V1 services have been released in 2010.

The metadata services are aimed to make Black Sea scientific information and data easier traceable by scientists and the general public and can be divided in:

  • EDMED - Marine and Environmental Dataset catalogue
  • Data Quality Control - DQC methods overview and reference to support tools
  • EDMERP - Marine and Environmental Project catalogue
  • EDMO- Directory of Marine Organisations active in Black Sea region
  • CSR - Directory of Marine Research Cruises in the Black Sea 
  • Marine biology - Metadata directories of important marine species
  • Scientists - Directory of Marine Scientists active in Black Sea region
  • Bibliography - Scientific Reports and Publications on the Black Sea
  • Socio Economic Data on the Black Sea
  • Black Sea data products - An overview of specific data products developed under SeaDataNet by Black Sea partners.
  • Black Sea EDIOS (ASCABOS project) - An overview of the current operational oceanography in the Black Sea by the bordering countries.

Please find out more on the developed services by visiting the special pages via the submenu options on the left (they will be upgraded throughout 2009-2011).