DQC Workshop in Brussels Belgium 26 27 September 2009 

28 July 2009
As part of WP3 a DQC Workshop is organised only for new partners in the Upgrade Black Sea SCENE project. One aim is to make the new partners from the Black Sea region acquainted with the EU directives and guidelines on Data Quality Control (DQC) methods. Another aim is to make an inventory and comparison of the DQC methods, applied at present by the new Black Sea partners for their data sets. The WP3 is undertaken only by the new UBSS partners, with guidance by selected old BSS partners. It also includes achieving an overall overview of available datasets at new Black Sea partners via EDMED records and associated applied DQC methods.

The DQC Workshop  takes place 26th - 27th September 2009 at the Astrid Centre Hotel in Brussels - Belgium.

Overall contact: jklerkx@ibes.be