Training Workshop - 28th February - 4th March 2011  

6 February 2011
The coming Training Workshop will take place at the IODE programme office in Ostend - Belgium. The Workshop has a focus on further training in the tools and methods for converting, quality control, and analysis of data sets from various disciplines, and getting hands on experience with the tools and procedures. This will serve as last preparation for the coming UBSS WP9 DQC Workshops that will take place in April 2011 where the UBSS partners will analyse together their data sets in an intercomparison exercise. Good progress is being made with establishing data access to all the UBSS data centres and populating the CDI metadata and ODV data. This Training will give a last course to be capable of handling the SeaDataNet tools (MIKADO, NEMO, ODV) and various types of data.

Registration is now closed. The programme of the Training Workshop and list of registered participants and instructors is available for partners at the Extranet.