Marine Research Projects 

European Directory of Marine and Environmental Research Projects - EDMERP - covers marine research projects for a wide range of disciplines including:

  • marine meteorology;
  • physical, chemical and biological oceanography;
  • sedimentology;
  • marine biology and fisheries;
  • environmental quality;
  • coastal and estuarine studies;
  • marine geology and geophysics etc.

scientists at the beachThe research projects are described as metadata factsheets with their most relevant aspects. The primary objective is to support users in identifying interesting research activities and in connecting them to involved research managers and organisations across Europe. Currently, full EDMERP describes more than 1.800 research projects from organisations across Europe. Black Sea EDMERP, collected by the BlackSeaScene partners describes currently 360 projects.

> Query Black Sea EDMERP

The interface for Black Sea EDMERP, developed on top of the central EDMERP database and fed via webservices, has been upgraded during Upgrade BlackSeaScene. Not only new techniques have been used but the application also runs on the version 1 EDMERP database of SeaDataNet.

The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria. The selected research projects are then listed. The list can be sorted by a number of key fields. Clicking on the display icon retrieves the full research project description.

The procedure to supply information to the EDMERP database follows the structure, guidelines and formats as defined in SeaDataNet.

> How to contribute?