Socio economic data 

During the BlackSeaScene I project an initial overview of available Black Sea socio economic data has been collected by the partners. During Upgrade BlackSeaScene this has been extended. The information supports marine environmental science and the BlackSeaScene network, and can also be used by the public and institutes from outside the EU to learn more about the Black Seas threats, conditions etc.   

The information is provided to users in three ways:

  1. As a separate section collected and provided by the Black Sea NGO Network. In this section you will also find important legislation concerning the Black Sea as well as a listing of important International Organisations having activities in and around the Black Sea.
  2. As downloadable or referenced documents
  3. As directly viewable timeseries (mainly Russian) 

The last two interfaces provide searching and sorting functions. The database, content management system and user interface has been created by RIHMI-WDC and has been fully filled, checked and updated during 2007-2008 by all BlackSeaScene partners. 

The interfaces for Black Sea socio economic data have been upgraded during Upgrade BlackSeaScene. The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria, including for example "author" or "country". Clicking on the display icon retrieves the full details of the report or table, and if available the document itself.

The procedure to supply information (change requests or additions) to the socio economic database works via the Upgrade BlackSeaScene partners. Pick one of the partners from your country and make the request. Partners use the CMS function to make the changes. In the following page you find more information about the format used to describe the documents and how the CMS works (but CMS is only accessible for partners!)