Marine Organisations (EDMO) 

The Black Sea directory of Marine Organisations is based on EDMO - European Directory of Marine Organisations. EDMO contains up-to-date addresses and activity profiles of research institutes, data holding centres, monitoring agencies, governmental and private organisations, that are in one way or another engaged in oceanographic and marine research activities, data & information management and/or data acquisition activities. Currently, full EDMO lists and describes more than 2000 organisations. Black Sea EDMO contains around 190 organisations.

Query Black Sea EDMO

The interface for Black Sea EDMO, developed on top of the central EDMO database and fed via webservices, has been upgraded during Upgrade BlackSeaScene. It uses now the latest techniques and software, especially for the mapping interface that follows the latest OGC standards.
The query interface enables to search by a set of criteria, including a geographical box on a map. The selected organisations are listed and displayed on the map. Clicking on the name of the organisation retrieves its address and profile.

The procedure to supply information to the EDMO database follows the structure, guidelines and formats as defined in SeaDataNet.

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