Data products 

Map catalogue BlackSeaScene

map cataloguePublishing data and data products via maps is more and more common practice as you will notice in the data access and metadata services in this website. This is stimulated by implementation of OGC services at more and more data providers.
Within the Upgrade BlackSeaScene project partner MSU has developed a central map catalogue that connects to the distributed map services of UBSS partners IBSS, SIORAS, SOI, IGGAS and others. You will find marine biological data as well as physical marine data products.

Please visit the map catalogue for a view of the data, data locations and data products of Upgrade BlackSeaScene partners.

Ukrainian map services (UKRSCES) - no longer available

Uukrasces mapviewerBSS partner UKRSCES has developed a set of very interesting map services for Ukrainian waters. The services supply e.g. a view of marine polutions, a detailed view of the Odessa harbour, a ukrainian ATLAS, etc. 


Data products

This section presents a number of Black Sea Products developed under the framework of the Joint Research Activity (JRA) 6 of the SeaDataNet Project.

logo seadatanetThe products are:

  • Black Sea Climatic maps and fields prepared for in-situ physical parameters and characteristics of O2-H2S interaction zone.
  • Averaged maps and fields of sea surface parameters obtained from satellite data.

The goal of the this action is preparation and dissemination of regional products like statistical mean, seasonal and monthly climatological fields and trends from all available historical and recent data collected over the Black Sea.
Participants of this action are mostly also partner in BlackSeaScene: IMS METU, Turkey (leader); IES-JRC, Italy; RIHMI-WDC, Russia; MHI-DMIST, Ukraine; IO-BAS, Bulgaria; NIMRD, Romania; TSU-DNA, Georgia.